Unacceptable Things

Post Covid-19, 20 and 21…. it is no longer acceptable (IMO) to do the following things:

Cough in public

Sneeze in public

Today, I am hiding out in my room while my daughter is being infected by her waxer. Now, the waxer claims it’s her chemo cough from twenty years ago but spit is fucking spit.

And while I did call downstairs for my daughter to get her a drink… the woman claims she’s fine but continues to cough.

What kind of mother have I become where I am hiding in my bedroom, frantically texting hubby to see where the hell he is and allowing my daughter’s personal hygiene routine to continue?

So, I don’t care if it’s allergies, or your standard I always cough, but I’m fine….there is no more coughing in public.

And by the way, heaven forbid someone sneeze again in my presence because I banged my head the last time, diving out of the way.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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