6th Week Recap

Today I finished the last of my scans: my chest, abdomen and pelvis. I woke up early and got bloodwork for this week’s chemo and downed two disgusting bottles of Barium in 13 minutes while driving from one hospital to the next. *I prefer bloodwork at one place and the scans at the other.

Anyhow, while driving home from the scan I received my daily ding alerting me that my results were in. Up until today, I usually avoid the pings at all cost but I figured, eh.

According to my knowledge of Google and Websters, I believe I received another good scan. The brain last Tuesday came back perfect, Friday’s results were “stable or smaller” in some areas of the spine except for L3 which is still healing or not from the static radiation- which I am told is to be expected and today: looking good. Not certain if NO evidence of disease based on my gait, but maybe it’s close? Under control?

So, now I will likely move to every 3 months for scans which doesn’t help with me wanting to travel, but it does give me more freedom than I’ve had in years.

THANKS MEDICINE and whatever is in the universe allowing me to see another day of my children (not my son) hating my guts every other day.

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