Cell Block Grey

I realized today that the waiting area for anyone getting an MRI looks like a group of prisoners after intake. Each of us sitting in our faded grey robes that barely stay on, paper undies and blue gripped socks- staring at the one TV hanging on the wall for entertainment. Some of the new people brought back to go nowhere, that get to hear the same directions: take everything off, follow the instructions for the gown on the wall and put your things in a locker; take the key with you.

Now when I was taken back to the cell block I was immediately informed that they were running an hour behind. Using common sense, I asked simply if I could then go back to sit with my mother and when they would be less than ten minutes, they could come and get me. You’d have thunk that I asked her 9×7 the way she stared perplexed and said, “that’s not how it works. You have to wait here for your turn.”

After a couple rounds of me trying to tell her that waiting is waiting and clearly there is no room in the block, she just tossed me my robe and said get dressed.

About thirty minutes later I was taken back to begin my IV. As I was waiting for the nurse to tape it into place, she went to look at the screen with my information. “Oh… mmm… you’re gonna nap.”

Sitting about fifteen more minutes at the crammed block, I was then called to go back. This nurse asked me if I had to go to the bathroom- a loaded question. By that point, I’d held it in so long that I said I was fine. She then informed me it was going to be a long test, so off I went escorted to make (just a sissy).

Now, I’d taken a whole Ativan at 2pm and I was somewhat tired when I was locked into position. The room was very cold so I opted for the heated blanket and once again chose Disney.

After 40 minutes- I began to unravel and I squeezed the emergency ball, perhaps in part to the fans within the machine no longer blasting and keeping me alert. With just a quick visit from the tech to tell me I had another 25 minutes, they removed the blanket and switched to Christmas music per my request.

While I felt somewhat calmer, I tried to keep myself awake (still with eyes closed) for as long as I could, but this particular tech had the music so loud that I could no longer hear the noise from the machine and for whatever reason, it continued to lull me in and out of sleep.

Finally the tech came back in to get me out and I returned back to the women’s dressing area. Dazed and confused I waited another fifteen minutes for the disc, as a new set of women in grey surrounded me.

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