All Clear: The Brain

Today I found out that my brain remains clear. It’s been one year that I’ve been without my five brain mets. Mets must be a softer word for tumors since they’re in a very shitty territory. I think everywhere else we call them tumors and possibly, lesions. Regardless, none are in my head and thank medicine and GD for that.

I remember when I did have them and the sad part is, I was too busy forgetting any incidents around them to mention a problem. For instance, before the bike incident where I lost my balance going around a small curve, I had been “blacking” out for short periods of time. We were in Florida at the time and I was teaching remotely. When I would wake up or stand up, often there was this bright light that caused dizziness and I would either fall backwards on the bed or floor. One time in particular, I had fallen on the floor and just thought it was because of too much sun.

When I called my son by another name, that’s when I realized it was time to head home. It was there, that I was opening my daughter’s shades and fell backwards- laying on the floor. I can’t recall if I was sleeping for a little or if it was seconds, but I remember the falling part and laying part.

With those few occurrences, I then remembered that my doctor was concerned that I had not gotten a brain MRI- even though she had given me the script prior to leaving for Florida. Of course, had I known that the natural trajectory for this disease went to the brain, I’d have gotten the MRI from the get go and perhaps it wouldn’t have been as bad.

For those wondering why my doctor didn’t have the MRI’s done earlier of my brain… its because I was afraid of the MRIs. Little did I know I’d be in the for every section of my body every six weeks….

Anyhow, according to my doctor, everything looks “clear”. Now let’s pray that the next two scans are as wonderful.

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