Could You Mime Instead?

Tonight was the second time I’ve eaten outdoors in a restaurant and the waiters were not masked. I guess I should say, since the mask ban is over and the decision is left to each person, I’ve eaten out twice.

I’ve got to say… it’s a little weird to be out and seeing people without masks. Sure, you could say, “seeing people themselves again,” but I’ll stick to my initial phrase.

Yes, yes, we all need to resume life. Well… some of us will have an easier time than others to resume their happy, go lucky lives. I, for instance, will never be the same mask or not, but I also cannot risk any complications. For example, I’ve had an infection for weeks that used to take a day or two to clear (I’m talking hang nail gone wrong). Prior to that I had a stye in my eye for months, nearly causing to twice lose my trial access… (the first time I went to Fox Chase, the head of the trial failed to reacquaint herself with the updated protocols and I was denied the ONE TKI drug that may have helped me… ) Bottom line: I heal as well as 95 year old great-uncle Harold.

As I was saying, it’s weird seeing servers without masks and I’ve got to say… I don’t care very much for it. In fact, I’d like everyone who should come in contact with my food to be masked (gloved too would be a smidge better) because when they are carrying my food around the full faced crowd of patrons and then coming into home-plate at my table… they TALK TO SEE WHO GOT WHAT WHILE MY FOOD IS ON THEIR ELBOW SHELF…spitting (gotta be or the C would never had spread in 2020 simply by breathing).

So… it just feels weird to me… kinda like Hedonism and right now, some people should cover up for the well-being of others; mainly, waiters.

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