The other week I was at PT- aka WOT. I’m there because I cannot lift my right arm and I cannot bend to put on socks or shoes…I call it a waste of time because I am not one to do homework. Additionally, I don’t even use the new Peleton 30 feet from my bed so why would I do any physical activity?

Anyhow, there was this youthful man being told what to do by our shared therapist while I was laying in wait on the table and the entire time I could hear him say….

I don’t think this is right…. Am I doing this right? ….Can you show me again?….. It’s still not feeling good. I guess I’ll never be able to flex my toes (something as stupid like that) 100%. I think I’m gonna go…. I’m a little depressed.

Meanwhile, my therapist returns to my side and sees that I am infuriated by the twat and I say, Oh, poor Chris! Wah Wah!! Shut up you fucking p.y and do your gd-damn exercises like a man! Oh no… woe is me, I can’t unflex my right toe!

Now, I get that people need PT to resume normal activities, but I’m trying to survive CHRIS and I AM NOT FUCKING COMPLAINING SO SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

Needless to say, I am on a break.

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