Come On Already!

Not that tonight is any different but my stool softener finally kicked in after two days. Now, all would be well and done but hubby put the washer and dryer in my bathroom and Mondays are hectic with laundry. Add to that, our Peleton is in there as well and… well…

Hubby: (shirt up to his eyes; quickly walks in to get something and gets out) Gd dammit! How many times have I told you to flush the toilet? It’s like living in a prison in my own house! You don’t get to shit ten times a day just because you’re on chemo! You’re like a rabbit that just shits and shits! I can’t take it just shit in the downstairs bathroom already! This is a public bathroom! I just can’t believe it already! I’m going to get an industrial sized exhaust fan like they have at the Eagles’ stadium; that’s what I’ll do!

Daughter: (walks in; looks of disdain) You have no self-respect do you? This is everybody’s bathroom now!

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