You Want A Piece Of Me?

Could you imagine trying to plan a dinner reception and having to go to a different market for each item? Think about it: the Super Fresh for chicken, the Giant for seasoning, Wegmans for dessert… It would be insane!

Now that you’ve got that scenario in your head, that is what I have to do every six weeks… and that fine rotation starts soon!

Here is a typical schedule for someone starring in this shit show:

Monday: Brain MRI

Tuesday: Brain results

Wednesday: Bloodwork in the a.m.

Wednesday: CT of the spine in p.m.

Thursday: Chemo and results

Friday: MRI of the Thoracic spine

Monday: MRI of the cervical spine

Monday: PM results of Thoracic

Tuesday: MRI of the lumbar area

Tuesday: PM results from cervical

Wednesday: results of cervical

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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