Signed, Sealed

Well, my two confidants and I have become investors in a shared property on the Mainline. It’s new construction actually and while my mother’s good friends will just be around the bend, I found out my psychiatrist and her husband will be in the gated community next to our’s.

That’s right, my mother, hubby and I committed to setting up camp at the local cemetery and we’ll be surrounded by many of our synagogue’s finest.

Now, last we discussed, I was not wanting to spend eternity with the mister, but he pointed out that he will not be marrying anyone else (thanks to the joyous home I’ve provided) and reminded me that it was he, who originally wanted to someday be there.

Despite everyone always telling me that I could die tomorrow by car or so and so could have a heart attack tomorrow… it’s assumed the odds are in my favor.

Interestingly enough, I learned that when purchasing plots with others, when the first one kicks the can, the rest must pay up in full prior to the burial. …Add to the fact that I’m the one with the least in my wallet… well, whatever order it shall be, so be it.

*Just note that I would prefer the center of the two plots so I could have my cake and eat it too.

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