The problem once again is, I look white, and so anyone that doesn’t know me, assumes that I’m not Jewish. No matter where I am, I am given well wishes for all sorts of holidays- even though there are other holidays simultaneously happening.

The other week, while receiving treatment, I was asked what I was planning for Easter. The nurses and patrons were all discussing their baskets and plans, and I just said that I was going to be with family. I was going to be with family, just not celebrating Easter.

My response was met with a questioning look, since I had nothing further to add as the others did.

Then, the other day while at a fitness center, again, everyone was discussing Easter- in fact, the manager had “hidden” candy all over the place for everyone.

Now, I consider myself a learned woman and I know the meaning of the holiday and its symbolic elements. Easter is the second biggest holiday for Christians, to Christmas. In fact, I know about a lot of non-Jewish and non-Christian holidays because I like to understand and growing up that’s what I learned about in school.

Anyhow, when it was my turn to go back, I was greeted and when asked how my Easter was, I started to say, “it was good….” but then decided I didn’t want to pretend anymore, and added “but I celebrate Passover.”

*No, I didn’t feel better saying something, because as I expected, there was no follow up.

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