My people have informed me over the past year that I should still have a primary physician. I let them know that my oncologist is essentially that; why else would I see a “regular” doctor??

This evening, I realized why my primary doctor is important.

Me: (on phone with bubbie) Did you see what’s in My Chart?

Bubbie: I did…. that reminds me, I need to schedule my mammogram around your schedule.

Me: (Hmm… when did I last have that?) Do I still need that? I mean, does it really matter?

Bubbie: Yes mommom, it matters.


Me: I need to schedule a mammogram.

Hubby: You don’t schedule it; you need a script.

Me: Who gives me that?

Hubby: Your primary.

…. And then it hit me; they give me my scripts for both mammogram and gyno! GD help me for what awaits.

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