You Don’t Know Me

My mother and I walked into the doctor’s office for today’s treatment. I feel like saying treatment as opposed to always saying chemo, after all, it feels braggadocious,

Since we go every three weeks, we’ve had the privilege of seeing the drecorations for V-day, P-day and now E-day. While we like hearts (composed of diamonds) and while green is lovely…. in the yard... seeing the pastels alone, was another reminder that we only matter to other Jews. *For the slow folks, I’m talking about Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s and of course Easter.

Now, I noticed it right away and knew what my mother would say when she was done hanging up her raincoat… but continued on my way to the front desk. Naturally, my mother walks up to where I am waiting to be addressed and says in a voice directed towards me but okay if those in charge heard, “you know, there’s more than just Easter.

This is not new at all to either of us- for it was only in recent years the suppletive Mensch was marketed. But in general- other than the Menorah overstaying its welcome from November-January, Jews don’t have banners to display. Now, perhaps if during the time of Assimilation, the “new world” embraced its new minority group and created such items, we could have had the choice to display. Traditionally speaking, we decorate our tables with a centerpiece arrangement of flowers and use our wedding china.

Anyhow, I whispered to my mother, “ma.. look where we are- don’t say anything,” for we definitely weren’t in Kansas anymore.

Needless to say, when the nurses each asked me what I was doing for Easter I replied the same way when asked what I was doing for Christmas, “having dinner my family.”

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