One of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Everyone but me, my mom and nurse Jackie are ugly at the location where I receive treatment. Now, that is more of an observation than a decision making factor…. but it’s been noted.

Additionally, they’re all old.

Now, before you judge me, there is something to be said when you go to a standing appointment or a place you frequent (perhaps a gym), and all you see are old, ugly and pigeoned/duck toed people. Of course you would start to question your own choices.

Okay fine, too far? Imagine going to shop for bathing suits and the only section you’re allowed to try on is in the ugly bathing suit section. You’d start to question your taste, your style… your body type and age.

I’m just saying, does every young woman (or my age-ish) have to have breast cancer?!

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mom of 3
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