Or, hunchback Julie as I like to call her, was the only nurse that I saw when I went to find my chair. *I don’t have one specific chair. but I was trying to stay clear of all things J since she likes to use two tourniquets and still can’t find a vein.

Anyway, when I sat down, I didn’t see Jackie, the best nurse there (*also she’s the youngest so….) and started to panic.

Julie: I’ll be right over Rochelle.

Me: (sweating) Uh-huh.

Eyeing the donuts on the snack cart and envisioning nurse John who told me my effing weight 6 weeks ago when I got on backwards, I turned on my Life & Beth instead and waited.

Thankfully, coming out of the refrigerator where the meds are stored, Jackie saw me and made a bee-line to rescue me.

Unfortunately for both of us, she STABBED, YES STABBED; me four different times in the same vein (OUCHHHHH) AND then had to switch sides.

One: I switch arms every three weeks to avoid chemo damage and two: Julie warned me that my veins would stop working.

Needless to say, while the initial arm is F. sore, I would still choose Jackie any day over Julie.

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