Hair Piece

I’m losing my hair. I noticed in a picture from one year ago until now and my hair is thinner.

*Put a pin in that.

My eyebrows are disappearing. I see them but I am not sure anyone else can really see them- at least not from afar. They are getting both lighter (how is this possible?) and thinner.

My eyelashes aren’t lashing. They just come down STRAIGHT like some shutter. I noticed it last night as I was looking to see what to do about my lack of eyebrows and nearly threw a fit.

In fact, my droopy lidded- faded lashless lashes and barely there brow… coupled with my “stable” weight (or what you’d find in the actual stable), and my limp-less, bursa filled arms (and possibly ASS!!), its a fucking wonder!

So, my mother asked if I wanted to buy a “fall,” which is 1950 for extensions.

I’d consider it if I didn’t look like this…

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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