En route to today’s treatment, I went through the list of things that I’ve been feeling… ya know, since I forget. And let me just tell you that this forgetful nonsense has fucked with my treatment in numerous and important ways. For one thing, I forgot how much pain I was in in my spine… so I failed to tell anyone that mattered (literally could have been the dog and she’d have told hubby) and my shit spread; just saying.

Anyway, here went nothing…

Me: I had PT yesterday; she barely massaged me like you said.

Mother: My person massages me- its wonderful. He does my back and my…

Me: Mine just sticks to my arms. I’ll have to find more ailments to get treated for just so I could have a massage!

Mother: I go to XY…

Me: Well, I’m staying at this place, even though I only went once. Anyway, I told her about my dizziness and she said it could be vertigo.

Mother: It’s not vertigo.

Me: Well, she said she specializes in diagnosing it and she thinks that’s what I have.

Mother: You would have excruciating pain in your inner ear if you had it.

Me: No, I am spinning when I lay down or get up! It happened there; I grabbed onto her while laying down.

Mother: (concerned pause) It’s not vertigo.

Me: (vertigo would be the best scenario) Well, I don’t see light and I’m not falling.

*Btw, when I did have 5 brain tumors and was falling down, blacking out for a short while and not sure how I got onto the floor…. I didn’t think to tell anyone. Someone I don’t know could have a poppy seed in their teeth and I would make a point to follow them and tell them to fix it. -Bad example. … I could see two yellow cars in one day and say, “Hey, Hubb! Would you believe I saw two yellow cars in one day! Isn’t that crazy?!,” but falling down like a morning drunk didn’t phase me.

Mother: You don’t have vertigo.

Me: Siri, what are the signs of vertigo?

Siri: According to, the signs of vertigo are inner ear pain.

Mother: SEE!

Me: Siri! What could cause spinning and dizziness?

Siri: According to bla-bli-dee-bla, dizziness could be caused by vertigo!

…..Meanwhile, at the ugly office…

Dr: How are you feeling?

Me: Before I forget, I’ve been dizzy whenever I am laying down or sitting up. Sometimes during the day I will just be sitting and all the sudden it feels like I am spinning.

Dr: Does it feel like the room is spinning or you are?

Me: (occupational hazard) I forget. I think I’m the one spinning.

Dr: It could be vertigo.

Me: (to mother) Told ya!

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