Block the Next Three Hours

While getting my check up with my onc (I’m gonna call her that; writing it out feels pretentious), I told her about my initial visit to the Physical Therapist (that doesn’t).

After some shit-chat, she started to tell me that she would give me another script for my possible Vertigo; yes, I capitalized it.

(BTW: *Vertigo, my mother learned, is not always a horrific pain in your inner ear.)

Anyway, when she handed me my script, a light-bulb went off in my corroded brain (scar tissue counts) (*I’m sure I have that) and I thought, hmm, I wonder if…

Needless to say, I got yet another script for Lung Cancer- which includes PT to my entire torso and legs… that I’ll all but be getting a mani/pedi! That’s right- the way I figure, I should be having deep tissue massages for a good three hours.


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