Solid As A Rock

Yesterday I had a guided needle ultra-sound where I received one shot in each arm. This wasn’t just a needle and buh-bye, these shots each lasted maybe 13 seconds if not more.

The doctor had told me that some patients get worse before they get better; some patients’ arm swells or gets bruising. Other patients complained that the shot stings.

I didn’t flinch. And while I did feel the needle go in and stay in, I was not uncomfortable to say the least. It’s as if I have congenital insensitivity to pain and anhydrosis.

My mother on the other hand, couldn’t breathe while I was getting these.

Afterwards, there was no pain from the shot- and later in the day all I felt was a mild soreness.

So that’s chemo, radiation, radiation to the brain, biopsies of lung, ass and spine that cause me zero affect.

…But I could gain five pounds simply by walking past my pantry.

Not flinching

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