This evening hubby ordered dinner for us- finally the one restaurant we could all order from. Anyhow, while waiting for the delivery, I decided to try on the bathing suit that arrived Thursday- over my undies of course, since I was going to get into jammies anyhow.

Since the food was not yet here, I decided to start cleaning out my closet, when hubby yelled for us to come down. So, in my tee I went.

*Now you may say, Rochelle, who gives a fuck? I would reply, this information is vital as I have lucite chairs.

So, here we all are, together around the table- talking, eating and laughing when all the sudden, a machine gun sounded betwixt me buttocks- forcing hubby up and away from the table.

Hubby: I don’t believe you!

Me: (laughing uncontrollably)

Kid 1: How ever did you find someone to marry? What’s wrong with you?

Kid 3: Yea mom, that’s disgusting.

Me: I got your father, didn’t I?

Kid 2: (looks at hubby, then back at me and in the most deadpan manner says) Score.

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mom of 3
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