Green Valley Country Club Part 3

As we finally got down to business, she pulled out the map of the new Jewish cemetery *(as if we were looking for concert tickets for Streisand’s final, final concert) and we started to play Jewish geography of who’s already buried in section one and who already purchased in section two. In fact, it was like half of our synagogue’s congregants already purchased. In fact, my parents’ good friends already bought in the upper tier of the new location – so we looked for a spot near them.

Now on the way to the appointment, two of my peeps texted me to see if there was room for them and their’s- so now, I had to consider where their preferences would possibly be. I mean, this is the closest Jewish cemetery ever and therefore, a sought after spot for plots so … it will be the place of all places to be.

After plotzing over prices, we took a car ride tour of the area- and while I think the old section is beautiful, the new one will be more of a garden area and from what she said, more beautiful.

What I enjoyed were the rocks throughout the entire cemetery- and while there are Jews interspersed throughout the place… and while it is significantly reduced in price outside of the Eruv… there’s something familial to be surrounded by other stars.

That being said… if for some reason way down the road, like fifty years down the road, poo poo poo, you see the Jewish section and then you see where we purchased, just know it was because somebody wanted to save for the spread.

Hubby said- let’s take a before and after…As if.

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