Green Valley Country Club Part 2

Once the realtor took us inside the building, we sat around a nice conference table to begin the discussion.

Lady: So I know who you two are, but you are…

Bubbie: We are her parents.

Lady: Hi mother, Hi Daddio…

Now, immediately it took a turn when Penn was somehow brought up.

Lady: Penn? When I hear Penn I think cancer and you know, I’m a survivor.

Hubby: What kind did you have?

Lady: Breast cancer

(Bubbie and my eyes immediately met- because more people survive than don’t because YOU CAN CUT THEM OFF!!!!! *I have no anger issues.)

Hubby: Ohh..

Lady: (to me and my mom, more me) You should really get checked! I had my mammogram and 6 months later I had a huge tumor.

Me: (to mom, sarcastically) Yeah, I’ll go get checked

Hubby: She has cancer.

Lady: What kind do you have?

Me: Lung cancer.

Anyhow, after that lovely convo, the rest of the sell was geared towards me and Daddio.

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