While scrolling Instagram, I came upon a food that Jennifer Aniston puts in her salads for fiber, called freekeh.

Of course, I got right onto Google and looked up what the fuck is freekeh? When I was going to click on one of the descriptions, I fell down the rabbit hole of amaranth; another grain I’d never heard of! Which then put me further down to barley and then oats.

Now, I know barley, I know oats- but I did not know that oats have a nice amount of fiber- as does barley. And if you think those two are good, freekeh has 8 grams of fiber per day.

The amaranth has a large amount of protein and both are low in sugar and virtually if not, no fat.

In the end, I bought the freekeh based on the reviews. Most of the reviews mentioned a “smokey” flavor… but because I’m a schmuck and didn’t Google what the fuck that is, I bought it.

Two minutes on the stove- for it can be cooked like rice, I learned what they meant by smokey. My house stinks to this moment, for that smell is in my hair, my skin, the walls… this place stinks. …Probably not enough to rid us of rats, but it’s as bad as curry.

Needless to say, the one cup that I boiled to get the exact amount of fiber I had hoped to, was not as bad as it stunk… but I can see why Jen’s so thin.

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