Track Practice

This morning, my mother told me she knew where we needed to go for the appointment- and even gestured in the direction, as if the big mahaf.

Needless to say, she was wrong and I had to walk. Within 3 minutes of mindless walking, the right side of my body decided to shut down; I had no stamina nor wind power to continue.

Me: Ma!

Ma: I’m sorry.

Me: How much farther?

Ma: I don’t know.

Me: MA!! AGAIN?!

Volunteer: Are you lost?

Me: How much longer until West 333?

Volunteer: Oh boy…. all the way down there.

Me: Oh boy? Ma, he said Oh boy! How all the way?

Volunteer: It’s a walk.

Ma: I’ll go ahead and look for a chair.

….Meanwhile these two people surpassed me (see below), I saw a perfectly empty wheel chair that my mother had to have walked passed, and I was now, chillin in the wing, motionless.

…And by the way, the elevators across from the office went directly to the entrance to the garage.

Gold & Silver medalists

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