Come Again?

I took off of work today to get two shots into my arm for my arthritis. Just kidding, bursitis, which my guess is a cousin of arthritis. In any event, gonna get my shot, feel better and move the fuck on.

When we got taken back to the waiting room, it was time to be annoyed by the clueless nurse. Why I bother to fill out forms or e-check in is beyond me. Nobody is reading, nobody cares and it’s a complete waste of time and energy because you’ll only have to repeat it.

From the moment she asked me to go through my medication, I was annoyed- so much so that my blood pressure was 140/100.. or whichever way is not good.

Any who… the doctor comes in- (ps: my mother commented on my outfits- how I don’t put myself together, I should dress nicer… do my hair, makeup, some form of give a shit…and this man had eyebrows that could swing me across to the other building)… says hello, then sits down facing his computer.

Now, I was on the wall by the window and facing my mother in the chair across from me. The doctor was sitting in between us facing away from the two of us- facing his desk. The entire time.

Sure, he asked a few questions, said the standard cancer sympathies (*I’m sorry you’re going through that… wow…. geee… oh my), and then told us his partner- who has to use a guided needle via an ultra sound, will see me next week.

Meaning: I took the morning off for nothing and my arms still hurt… and while I’m at it, so do my fishers.

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