C U In The Poor House

We order out everyday. If a child is home during the day, we order… Door Dash, Grub Hub…Caviar. Same for dinner. Every day. In fact, we’ve got that much money that sometimes we order from two different locations- with different drivers. Sometimes when we order, if we order near another “place” on the site, we can have the same driver do a “dash” and get something else.

Last night, I had sushi and those $$$ cookies; the kind you have to cut because even a half of cookie is too much. Nobody in the house liked them so I took them to Mahj.

I love to cook. Well… I loved to cook when my kitchen wasn’t sublet’d out to varmints and when my family visited for dinner. Not the people I live with now- they’re all about the pasta with not much additives. Faux foods for my fam are not an option so….

At some point between C & C, I gave up the other C…for Lent.

It’s all good because I was tired of making multiple meals for the picky eaters and now all I have to do is give them the app, and voila!

*Of course, one day they will be the delivery drivers in order to afford college, but that’s a C we don’t need to think of just yet.

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