For Real?

The other day at my appointment in town, my mother and I were waiting to be “addressed” by the receptionist. We were waiting and waiting. We could see the woman at the desk; she saw us.

To better describe the sit, she was sitting at a corner glass cubicle. We stood at one edge of the “corner,” and guess what? Another woman who sat in the opposite corner of that square cubicle asked us why we were “over there,” when the check in was…

That’s right, she wouldn’t help us until we moved two steps to our right… at the next edge of her corner.

Rather than she turn her head left… she pretended not to notice us. Anyhow, I figured while I was already there for radiation, I may as well mumble my annoyance under my breath and tag this as “another reason I’m probably being punished for my mouth.”

I stood at the open window on the right corner and had to step literally WHERE I WAS!

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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