I’ve reached acceptance. I realized, the situation is what it is and to fight it would be a waste of my energy.

Last night, I was up throughout the night. I was contemplating my future- my family’s future… in our home.

Would life ever be normal again? Would they, too, find a new normal when all is said and done? I mean, at some point… sooner than later, we’ll all be grieving but for now… I think we’re all pretty much resound to accept.

No matter what hubby does to ensure the preservation of our family, we always hit a turn in the road.

My son- my wonderful son… came to me last night. He wasn’t feeling well and he asked me for medicine. My own son, wanted me, to risk my life. As if I am not fragile enough, he woke me so that I would take care of him.

As I reached the last of the steps, I didn’t care. …Well, maybe a little, for I clapped and stomped while saying, “Get! Go! This is my home!”

Thankfully, Ruby and Max, the last of the Mohicans, knew to return to their room; their room behind the dishwasher.

And I’m okay with it. So long as my family is in our rooms by 9pm, we can make this work.

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mom of 3
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