The Moral: F. the Kids

Yesterday, all I wanted to do was get a mani/pedi. For those that know me, I never want them because I pick my nails. Pick? Pick. Gross, I get it, but I’m a child of divorce so clearly that’s a lifelong side effect.

In any case, I had made an appointment at my friend’s salon and was not able to book a second appointment at the same time. Additionally, whence the woman who ran the salon returned my plea for “someone to call me,” I was only able to secure an additional treatment one hour prior to the nails.

I was taking my eldest child with me and I felt guilty for having her wait an hour for her nails, so I figured, I’d let her have my appointment and I’ll go later to a different salon with my middle.

After what she said was “the most luxurious” pedicure, we sat together at the bar, awaiting our service. Unfortunately for me, I remembered that this was not the salon that does the “dip” and my polish would likely come off by dinner time.

Declining my manicure, I called around to two other salons trying to get “two” appointments for me and my other child. Sadly, my other child was napping and I went to a random place nearby alone. Not so random, my step sister I thought went there.

Fast forward, I am in this shop… its hot, dated and the ceiling was falling apart (see evidence below) and I texted my SS to ask her if it was even possible that she still went there. In fact, I knew once I sat in the pedicure chair that even if she did frequent this jaunt, I’m out!

What really made me get up and go was the woman- neither Russian nor Asian, who was sniffing with her mask askew. Within 3 minutes, I excused myself, tipped the sniffer and called the other salon who could have seen me an hour later, which would have been too late, as I had plans.

Showing up regardless at the now, third salon, I see how clean, bright and normal it was and when she saw me looking at the “dip” polish, she convinced me to just get gel. “Dip no good your nail,” she said.

After all that, I realized, I could have gotten the initial manicure and couldn’t believe what a shmuck I was for running around all day. …Especially when I have no nails!!!

Needless to say, of all the salons in the area, this is the one my boss frequents.

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