She Has Short Term Memory

My mother loves informing anyone and everyone of my short term memory loss since having brain radiation. The second thing she likes to tell everyone is that she takes notes on everything, everyone says… and she’ll show them.

Now, the notebook is fine and I’m not surprised by her detailed notes- after all, this is a woman who keeps every receipt for seven years as if she’s to be audited. But the “she forgets everything,” from the nurses to the physicists is enough.

The other day, I had my last intensive radiation treatment and it was time to meet with the doctor. My mother gets out her pen, writes his name (how do you spell that?) and asks everyone who enters the room, “and you are?…. how do you spell that?”

Anyhow, when the man asked how my back pain was, shit hit the fan.

Doctor: How have you held up since the last treatment?

Me: I was okay.

Doctor: Did you have any side effects?

Me: I was a little tired.

Mother: She slept for 16 hours.

Doctor: How’s your back? Any pain?

Me: (wha.;;?) Why would I have pain?

Mother: (a “what the what” look/huff) Rochelle, this started because you had back pain.

Doctor: Any nausea?

Me: No, none.

Mother: Yes, she was nauseous, she forgets. She has short term memory ever since her brain radiation. She also forgets her pain. That’s why I take all these notes, see?

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