Killing Me Softly With Disney

I’ve been through many types of scanning machines, but the one below, takes the cake. The table with the “blue” mattress is my body cast so that I don’t move.

At the top of the cast are two bars where I get to hold my hands; other patients get their hands taped to the bars so they don’t move. The only reason I got to hold mine there is because I told them I won’t move them… after all, one mili-anything and I could have a beam perforating my innards causing bowel obstruction or lung collapsing (something like that)… in layman’s terms: death (at least, that was my impression during the side effects info-session that I didn’t want to hear).

Anyway, after I got into position and chose my music selection (Disney) it was time for me to close my eyes and pray that the machine, which rotates around my body somehow, didn’t fall on me and that I didn’t move.

Now, I will give you an analogy: could you imagine holding onto to the edge of a cliff… after a few seconds you would feel like you were slipping, and if you slip then you die. Well, imagine that intense and panic inducing feeling and that’s what I got to feel. Twice. For 20 or 30 minutes- after all, every second felt like eternity.

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