Plotzing For Plots

Hubby and I had been discussing the new Jewish section at the nearby non-Jewish cemetery. Someone had asked, “what makes it Jewish?” The religious aspect of having defined “borders” around the section to enable a Minyan or prayer, is what I’ve read. However, I feel what distinguishes the two sections is the price.

Anyhow, my mother and I had been discussing the purchasing of death estate for some time- and had it not been for a recent trip to the eye doctor, I would have forgotten all about it.

There are two sections at said cemetery: the old- which isn’t more than 5 years since I don’t believe they ever let Jews in before, and the section they are currently taking bids. Bids? Well, let’s just say that all of the boomers who realized that the schlep to Mt. Sharon or King David would significantly decrease the visits of their surviving loved ones, prices have become quite competitive.

Prices, which do not include interment (the actual burial… which btw is done by the family), the annual care, coffin nor service, begin at $9800 for one, however its slightly less if you buy in bulk. However, if you buy in bulk… only one person gets the “family” stone and the rest get foot markers.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to find a family member in an entirely Jewish cemetery- including the ones where anti-semites have turned stones over, but its nearly impossible unless you have the global coordinates. Could you imagine having to walk looking down to find the right Stein?

All that aside, even if we bought individual plots next to each other, my mother’s friend bought in a wealthier section no doubt and they would like to be next to my parents as if we’ll be lounging by the pool in Delray.

Furthermore, what about the rest of my own family? Am I to secure a space so we’re all one day together? Do I need to burden their own families one day with possibly having to ship them back to this cemetery- should they establish themselves in another state?

So, it’s back to stone one; I’ll get my own piece of land nearish my parents and hubby and the kids are on their own.

*All of you reading will have to purchase one day- unless you figure the cost and screw your family when you’re deadin which burying nearby wouldn’t make a difference in the amount of visits.

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