Well, I finally decided to place our camera under the sink in the kitchen to see if that’s where the rats were coming in. Sure enough… they were.

The next night the cabinet was lined with traps and I was sitting vigil by my phone when the first “motion” detector went off.

BAM! My daughter and I sat watching to see if it was just sitting behind the pipe vs. caught… and after Googling do mice blink? we realized, it was dead.

The second night, I watched as the next asshole climbed aboard the trap and it nearly snapped but it went elsewhere in the cabinet. After eating on wires, it came back to the trap and SNAP!

Now, as sad as I was for them, those assholes have cost $$$$$ in dishwashers and emergency plumber fees, etc. so fuck ’em.

Last night, hubby caught one accidentally in the “have a heart” trap in the garage… what the… and had forgotten to “reset” the trap from the night before so he didn’t catch (what I think should be) the last one.

Let’s just say, if this is going to be a nightly occasion where these fuckers think they’re going to be clambering under my kitchen sink, then hubby is going to be seeing the same amount of Brazilians on a weekly basis!

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