Everyone wants to do a deep clean when they enter the shit hole I call home. Everybody has big eyes when they ask for my address and then visit in person to get a better lay of the land.

The other week I finally had my house cleaned- after weeks of not having an official housekeeper. Sure, I have my college student that helps with very light housekeeping, but that’s not the same.

All I knew was that the woman who owned the cleaning service charged $35 per person and a parade of women came barging in to clean. As the time went on, I was beginning to taste bile from the thought of how much this was costing me.

Sweating, while trying to calculate their fee, I looked over at hubby who still thinks bread is $0.23 and milk is $0.40, and began thinking that I’ll never be able to have my house cleaned again- by anyone.

Just as I was grabbing pencil and a paper to double check my mental calculations, I heard another woman knocking on the door to get out of the basement.

$105 per hour and four and a half hours! The shit was liquifying from the amount of money spent to clean my house- that once cost just $140!

Needless to say, the house does look as nice as it can – given our company.

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