Roses are Red, Tattoos are Blue

This week, 2/14/22 begins a week fraught with celebration. The festivities began at 9:45 am with a consult back in town. In short, there is a possibility that I will add a specialized type of radiation to my spine.

While I did not care to hear of the risks, the doctor seemed quite confident in his skills, coupled with my “good health otherwise,” that all would be fine. To note, the side effects are spinal compression (ie: dead) and/or a hole in my bowel…. but not right away, that just happens later.

After that, I was fitted for a special cast of my body. That part was alright… but both of my arms had to hold onto a bar above my head and lifting my left arm hurts. Well, I mean, it hurts likely because there is another couple tumors on my cervical spine- but that confirmation will come by 7am via MyChart. Anywho… I opted for blue tattoos this time so that the technicians wouldn’t get confused with my prior ones when they go to radiate me; that wouldn’t be good.

After being repositioned due to my cockeyed body, they refit me for the cast and off my mother and I went to an affiliated hospital uptown.

To be clear, I only knew that I had an appointment in town at 11am and figured I’d be home around 1. I had only juiced and eaten some of my son’s bagel before leaving the house without liquids nor my lifesaving pills. So imagine my surprise when we had to hang around town for two hours more until my next appointment.

Since my birthday is near, we decided to search for food at one of my past favorite jaunts. Unfortunately for my mother and me, the place was closed. The mistake made next was that we kept walking (and I can’t walk) in search of another restaurant a few blocks away… in the 20 * temps and everything was closed.

Once back at the car, we drove to the next location and I ordered from Door Dash. Unfortunately again for me, by the time the driver arrived, it was time for my next appointment.

Now, I’ve seen my fair share of MRIs, but this one was nice and open- which was good because I don’t typically travel with Ativan. The technicians however, not so nice since they told me I had to keep my mask on in the machine.

In any event, today was a longer than expected type of day, but it was still good. I got to spend time with my mother, I remembered to order whitefish salad/nova while shopping Instacart and I got beautiful roses.

…Tomorrow will be another story.

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