Whiz & Whirl

My bathroom is complete. The renovation to build a laundry room upstairs for me- which resulted in a new bathroom, has ended and I can now enjoy.

Some of the enjoyment that I hadn’t considered was the amount of filthy laundry all over my new floors… piled up. I also didn’t realize that I’d be more compelled, in the middle of the night during my tinkling, to toss in a load.

In fact, the other night I woke up just before the song announcing it’s finished the cycle, sang again- so there’s that to anticipate. I suppose I’d rather be in sync with my machines than my kids’ menses.

In short, I love my new laundry room’s bathroom.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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1 Response to Whiz & Whirl

  1. Cannot wait to see your new bathroom I hear that it is gorgeous! The moving of your laundry room upstairs is a fantastic idea!!

    Love you!!!

    “Have a safe and wonderful day!”




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