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Ass Man

I have gone over and over with myself, where I fucked up. Was it in nursery school when I didn’t want to sit next to Newton? Perhaps when I made fun of a really gross kid named, Kyle? Or it … Continue reading

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Well, I finally decided to place our camera under the sink in the kitchen to see if that’s where the rats were coming in. Sure enough… they were. The next night the cabinet was lined with traps and I was … Continue reading

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Everyone wants to do a deep clean when they enter the shit hole I call home. Everybody has big eyes when they ask for my address and then visit in person to get a better lay of the land. The … Continue reading

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The other day I went to my standard appointment and was called over to get onto the scale. Debating in front of the male nurse, whether I should take my shoes off or not, I finally got onto the scale … Continue reading

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Last night while out celebrating my two years alive/49th, hubby texted me to “CALL A PLUMBER.” It turns out, our fourth dishwasher- the one I’ve had for a few weeks, was leaking. Now, since I am an unfortunately an expert … Continue reading

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Here’s to 49

Today I will be celebrating with another MRI. I’m pretty sure that all of these machines are equally killing me but we can pretend they’re trying to extend my life. Anyhow, after work, I will be locked into in my … Continue reading

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Roses are Red, Tattoos are Blue

This week, 2/14/22 begins a week fraught with celebration. The festivities began at 9:45 am with a consult back in town. In short, there is a possibility that I will add a specialized type of radiation to my spine. While … Continue reading

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Whiz & Whirl

My bathroom is complete. The renovation to build a laundry room upstairs for me- which resulted in a new bathroom, has ended and I can now enjoy. Some of the enjoyment that I hadn’t considered was the amount of filthy … Continue reading

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Into The Known

Parking at the hospital was our first mistake and for further appointments, the only way to go is via Uber. Today, the valet parking was closed, the closest lots were closed and the only open lot was about a mile … Continue reading

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