What She Says

The other day my mother and I were at my doctor’s appointment- discussing the results of my CT Scan the day prior. After we went over the results, it was time to go over my aches and ailments.

Dr: Have you had any nausea?

Me: No

Dr: Any tingling in your hands?

Me: No

Dr: Tired?

Me: No

Dr: Constipation?

Me: Just the hem.

Dr: How’s your back?

Me: It’s getting worse

Dr: Is your nose still running?

Me: Nonstop; and bleeding. Is it possible for the inside of my nose to melt into one nostril?

Dr: Only if you’re a cocaine addict.


As we were finishing up the questions, my mother says to the doctor…

M: Her hands are swollen.

Dr: (looks) I see that

Me: (looks) hm.

M: She’s got a very short fuze; is that from the medication?

Me: I’ve always had one.

Dr: Maybe the steroids but that’s only in the beginning.

M: She’s had lots of nausea.

Me: mmmm.

M: She’s tired all the time.

Me: (thinking) mm.

Needless to say, this amnesia has got to be the silver lining of my sit.

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