Not Today Grandma

The other day as my mother and I were waiting for the nurse to come get me for chemo, we saw a hunchbacked woman in nursing attire. Aside from the way she walked, it was the fact that she first went through the wrong door to go where she wanted, and next, she turned off the office lights while trying to figure out how to get them on in another room.

In short, I started to get nervous for this senile woman who stood in a lower case “r” position, was never going to be providing my IVs.

Anyway, its my turn to go back and I spot my favorite nurse that happens to be working… make eye contact with her… and “head” gesture to where granny’s trying to find someone’s vein (to no avail) and voila!

Otherwise, I would have walked out.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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