If You Give A Mouse A Cupcake: Deux

The washer machine kept malfunctioning. Doing one load of laundry was an all day affair with trying to unlock the machine and then removing half the load in order to finish.

So, hubby asked me what to buy and I replied, “anything that gets here today!” I didn’t care if it was green, I just needed a machine.

Naturally the pedestal we had on the shit machine didn’t fit the new one (see post from two weeks ago) so hubby just ordered another.

When that was also too large, he decided to take down the cabinets above, in order to push back the machine. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that the cabinet wasn’t reset into the wall and now my machine is in the center of the laundry room.

Since he screwed up one task, we decided to move the machines upstairs to the bathroom.

To make room, we took out the tub. Since some of the floor tiles had to come up as well, we decided to get a new floor.

Since we were doing the floor, we decided to get new vanities, faucets and a toilet.

Now that everything needs to be painted, we’re getting new chandeliers and sconces- four to be exact.

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