And Just Like That

My daughter went to school today for the first time since Thanksgiving break. She didn’t text. She didn’t cry.

After two and a half months of being homebound, she left the house and didn’t look back.

The mental torture she and the family went through as she was feeling this chemical imbalance, was worse than anything I’ve ever experienced. In fact, becoming a new mother- as postpartum as I was, was a cake walk in comparison.

Nobody slept. It has felt just like those Israeli Mossad documentaries, where the perps are up all night- with light, and loud sounds, for days.

We never thought we’d see the day she could just resume her life- but here she is, doing it.

I’d like to say it was due the thousands of dollars spent on professional fees… but it wasn’t. Nope, it was due to a beautiful facility thirty minutes away. That’s right, we took her on the highway to see a program that runs the course of the day and that was that. It could have been the fact that we’d need to take the highway daily or that she’d been in classes with 13-18 year olds, but either way, she’s made a breakthrough.

If the past two years hasn’t aged me, this has.

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