Karma Strikes Twice

Nobody is ever happy in my family. Other than my son, there is always a child (or two) trying to mentally fuck me.

For a few months, my eldest had been complaining of her ear; every now and again, she would either hear a “pop” or it sounded as if she was under water.

Knowing the importance of the delicate eardrum yet knowing my child more, her father and I kept reiterating that she was fine.

Before you go judgey on me, this was an encore complaint from years prior- where I took her to the top audiologist and was told: all good.

Fast forward to MLK weekend, where she went into her song and dance of nobody cares about me and she must get it checked today! In fact, she implored that all doctors should work on Saturdays so that she could be seen.

Having friends in high places, I texted my longtime friend and audiologist- whom I’d not spoken to in over five years (maybe ten), and she told me to come into her office that Monday. Furthermore, she said, her ENT partner would also fill us in whenever we arrived.

To make a LSS, she’s fine. No wax, no fluid, no nothing. Hears perfectly- the epitome of health.

So you could imagine my surprise when she was not thrilled to hear that. After all, she knows her ear best and believes something is there!

Needless to say, our car ride home with me telling her how that report is a good thing, only enraged her; tears fell.


For a few days when I chew, I feel this thing, in my left ear.

Me: (Looking around the house to ensure my privacy) Hub, every time I chew, I have this feeling in my ear that “snaps” and it’s not normal.

Gloater: Shame. I’m sure it’s nothing.

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