After waiting what seemed like forever, in walks the doctor and another doctor.

Now, If you know me, then you’ll know why I did what I did next. I stood up for a moment and then sat back down.

So the doctor hops onto the table with my son, and sits criss cross applesauce next to him. Very friendly, hello, hello. Bla bla bla….

New Doctor: So we looked at his chart and looked at his left hand and we can figure out where he is in puberty based on his growth plates.

He continues to show us the X-Ray on the hanging TV and points here and there…. bla bla.

He then proceeds to tell me that not everybody can be tall… pointed out that me, his mother, is only 5’1 (and yes, I was measured so that is correct) and dad is 5’10 (my ass) and what matters is he’s healthy.

Doctor: The good news is, he’s healthy first and foremost!

Hubby: Yes, of course, see that son!

Me: (duh)

Doctor: Mom… you have a look on your face…?

Me: Yes, healthy good good, but how tall?

Doctor: I’m not Gd but this is somewhere in the estimate… give or take 2 inches 5’7.

Me: (blood falls from my face)

Doctor: You look disappointed…

Me: I’m not disappointed- but I was told at his ped that he’d be at least 5’8.

Doctor: He’ll be right about …where I am. I’m 5’6.

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mom of 3
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