After the family history debacle, the doctor began to discuss the nitty gritty: my son’s puberty.

Doctor: So child, when do you think you noticed you were going through puberty?

Child: I think maybe like a month ago? Maybe.

Me: Umm, about a year ago.

Doctor: Okay, do you have any body odor?

Hubby: Oh boy does he! He sure does!

Me: Oh man, he stinks! I don’t even know where he came from.

Doctor: Do you have any acne?

Child: What’s acne?

Hubby: No he doesn’t.

Me: Yes…. he had two zits on his nose the other day.

Hubby: No he didn’t.

Me: He has some now and again.

Doctor: Okay… mild acne.

Hubby: (shaking his head) He doesn’t have acne.

Doctor: How about any body hair?

Me: (sadness befalls me) Oh yah, he sure does.

So… doctor goes to do a quick peek a boo while I quietly murmur, imagine Leonardo DiCaprio…

After being elbowed to the ribs by hubby, the doctor went to review the CD of his left hand; she said she was going to confer with her fellow colleagues.

Meanwhile, we sat in that awkward feeling room for the next fifteen minutes. … See Part 3.

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