Today we took my youngest downtown to the children’s hospital for an evaluation. We were meeting with an endocrinologist to determine if we needed to do something to slow down my son’s eager growth.

After waiting for awhile, the doctor came in and began to go through the standard procedure of… do you have this do you have that. When it came time to discuss family history is where it got exciting.

*The outer of my four masks was “Fighting Lung Cancer.”

Doctor: Mom, do you have any type of illness?

Me: (she does see this mask, no?)

Hubby: She has lung cancer.

After the “I’m sorries,” she proceeded.

Doctor: Okay… well, is there anything else you have a history of?

Me: Well, I used to have migraines all the time.

Hubby: She takes a prophylactic monthly shot.

Doctor: Wow… do you get auras and like, flashing lights?

Me: Well, I did… but those were brain tumors.

Doctor: Brain? You had brain tumors?

Me: Yes, I am stage four… so… just headaches for now.

Doctor: Hmm. So, no auras.

Me: Well, if I got one of those, then it would be a tumor and not a migraine.

Doctor: Any family history I should know about?

Me: (dead silence while thinking) No.

Hubby: …Yes, her mother and sister have Thyroid disease.

Doctor: Do you know which kind?

Me: (sitting there like a shmuck; forgot about the thyroid)

Hubby: I believe its the under active type.

Me: (who the hell is this guy?)

Doctor: Okay, so you don’t have thyroid issues.

Me: Nope, my mom, sister, grandmother and I believe aunt has it, but not me; I’m lucky.

Needless to say, thank G hubby came with because I clearly had no recollection of my family’s problems until he brought it up.

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