Yeah Bitch, I’m Sure

Today I went shmying around my favorite store. I was on the lookout for that huge mirrored Buddha that I foolishly didn’t purchase but instead purchased the basics: floor cleaner, broom set, hangers, candle, laundry basket and lazy Susan. What’s important to note is that the heaviest item was the spinny thing.

Anyhow, I was checking out at register six, when the cashier asked if she could load my items into the hamper. When she was putting the lazy Susan in there with the gallon floor cleaner, I asked if she could put those in a bag.

Me: Can you put those separately, I won’t be able to lift that (looking at the loaded hamper).

Bitch: Are you sure you can’t?

So, thanks to the assuming twat at the HG, I am starting off the New Year pissed off.

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mom of 3
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