The List

Here are just a few things that bother me, that I will get off my chest before Midnight.

People who wear masks below their noses

Coupon clippers who hold up the line

Phone talkers in small public spaces

Anyone who places their shopping cart mid aisle

People who smell newly open bottles of wine

Smokers, duh

Empty toilet paper rolls

Eternal hemorrhoids

Lickers of envelopes

Joggers any early morning

Housekeepers that take advantage

Homeless people with their hand out

Emptying a dishwasher halfway only to realize it was filthy

Rodents that reside

Things that fall behind the lazy Susan in corner cabinets

Israeli appliance guys that fail at their job

Fancy dehumidifiers that only take distilled water

People who officiate for some mitzvahs but draw the line at others due to “conflict of interest”

Rabbis who would rather lose a simcha to a gentile chef than allowing some bend on heated food guidelines

Anyone who sits in a library to read and/or use the computers

Fake families on Facebook

Waitstaff that rereads the order back to you and still brings it out wrong


The storylines on SATC

Miranda’s teeth

Miranda’s wig

Charlotte’s lips

Mario Cantone’s role/face


About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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