In the summertime my middle child’s headboard came off her bed; it was slightly too small and for whatever reason, it broke. For weeks on and off she would ask me when I was going to replace it, and then she stopped. In the meantime, I knew if I had right away, hubby would shit a brick.

Fast forward to last week when I decided to order her a new one. There were so many nice ones… but something told me to just buy her the whole bed frame. Meaning, a headboard that had a platform bed as well, and all we would need was her mattress. Actually, I knew what prompted me to go all out- she’s been in her bed for some time now- its her place as my bed is to me, and I thought… well, if she’s gonna be in bed a lot she may as well have a nice one.

Yesterday the bed arrived and I was so excited. Naturally, hubby was alerted to the item a few days prior and a nice one-sided (by him) was had re: me and my spending. But, as I said it was for my kid who likes to be in her bed and I had been looking on and off for months.

When I first arrived home from work, hubby had the first part of the bed set up in the foyer and I was beyond excited. Together we began to take up the heavy headboard so he could finish setting it up. A few moments later, I realized the severity of my actions. You see, my child who is a lot like me, dislikes surprises. While this IMO was a good one, it was unsettling to her.

For hours, my child who has not left the home in weeks due to her anxiety, was hysterical.

Now, hubby reminded her that this was not a trip to Auschwitz and she was to stop the bullshit anxiety- after all it was just a bed.

Naturally, I led with she could go to school or keep the bed… which was the rock that sank her deeper into a fit of crying and uncontrollable wails, that made me realize, that bed had to go.

Unfortunately for all of us, hubby was playing poker and he kept texting me back that I was too coddling and enabling- but he didn’t see nor hear her unraveling. …Well, he ignored what he heard.

What you must know is that her anxiety and pain was beyond what I’ve ever witnessed and I knew he had to dismantle it.

“Over my dead body,” began the screaming from hubby- who was now finished poker and hell bent on completing the frame of the bed.

In fact, for the next several minutes- around 10:30 PM, did the screaming back and forth between him and my daughter, and him and me, take place. So much so that my eldest child who cannot wait to cut ties with this family, came out of her room to now step in, to stop the arguing and calm her sister down.

All I know is I have never seen her so upset and it was because the one room where she feels safe was now being showcased with an oversized bed that she stopped asking for months ago. In fact, had I thought to give her a heads up she would have said, “nah, I’m good.”

In any event, after hubby’s anger that scared the other two and my child’s non-stop hysterics, he relented and took apart the beautiful bed.

In short, while everyone was festive and jolly at work and with their normal and happy lives, my world is becoming darker by the day. I have my eldest who hates everyone in the house- me the most, my middle child who can’t leave the house to attend school and who’s guttural cries I’ll never unhear, and hubby- who spends his days ruining my favorite room in the house with his shedding, peeing, shitting dogs and barely has the patience for me and the middle.

And we still have rats so…

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