I had an early morning appointment forty minutes away the other day. Unfortunately for me, I had woken up with a horrible migraine and just didn’t feel right.

Whilst sitting on the toilet, that sweaty feeling came over me and then a wave of nausea. Quickly deciding how much time I had left in the sit position vs. the vomit position, I realized I had time to quickly “change” costumes. Naturally, I wiped the twalet and sprayed first prior to the events that followed.

After that and a brief nap on the cold floor, I went downstairs looking for my migraine pills. *Now, what you should know is I have been on an injector for years. That means, any pills that I was looking for, would be expired- but my brain clearly wasn’t functioning at that hour.

Even though I empited the entire cabinet of drugs, I could not find mine and was forced to take Aleve.

Remembering I had just purchased a “headache” hat thanks to a friend, I put it on and then made a regretful decision. I’d wanted to check the dining room to see if my squatters had eaten any of the chips we had stored there.

Things to note: The dining room is at the front of the house. It was dark inside the house, even though it was morning.

Since I could not see if there was any sign of a break-in, I made the smart decision to turn on the lights. Well, not only did the high schooler across the street catch a glimpse of me since my window is essentially where he stands, *but across the street, so did the entire bus full of students (since my child is the last pick up).

Now Rochelle, how can you be sure they all saw you?

Because the bus driver honked as he passed by.

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