“Please, For The Love of GD, Stop Talking!”

If you are not familiar with Mainline Divorce attorneys or their fees, then I’ll give you an idea… “that will be $700 for that pack of gum, please.”

That’s right, everything is Wheel of Fortune priced and the lawyers are always working on your behalf- even if its just thinking about you while shitting, you’ll be charged. …If the lawyer is at a restaurant and someone looks like you, they’ll bill you for it.

Now that I’ve summed it up, did you know who is also like a divorce attorney? I’ll give you one moment to think.


Now, finding a “child” psychiatrist is like looking for a dog with one blue and one brown eye. Whence one finds that unicorn, their prices are immediately inflated due to the supply/demand concept.

If you’re already going to interrupt and ask, can’t you find someone in network?, the answer is always, the doctors are no longer taking new patients, so try not to school me.

Our unicorn has been working with our family for the past two weeks…all.the.time. They are reaching out and speaking to anyone associated with my child since she has missed school due to her Defcon 5 Level anxiety.

This means, the trip that hubby mentioned we should take in between my chemo appointments, is no longer viable. Essentially, we’ve traveled first class to Fiji for three weeks and all I’m missing is the tan.

So imagine my dismay when I saw the doctor both texted and left messages within a twelve hour period… and its, I hope you like your new black Chanel purse doc.

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