Now Who’s The Dumb Dumb?

This was not the first time I went to this market and was irritated.

I had gone to the local market for some Seltzer because that is the only thing I like to drink. Plain Seltzer. And while I did also purchase a bottle of wine for the fridge, I also bought whitefish salad and lox- so the trip shouldn’t be a total disappointment.

Anyhow, although I stood at the end of the counter so that I could bag, the cashier was scanning and bagging. He put on the counter a plastic bag filled with six bottles of Seltzer. Now, no… they were not 2 Liters each… but altogether they weighed six liters.

When he looked at me to take them off the counter, I said that they were too heavy.

Well, he looked at me like I was a lazy biatch who was on some power trip… which, I suppose I would possibly assume as well- but putting each bottle into the cart was my exercise for the day- taking them out to put on the belt was one step too much for me.

Me: Sir, I can’t lift those.

Cashier: (takes ONE out)

Me: Yeah, I still won’t be able to lift that.

Cashier: (skeptical look)(takes one more out)

Me: I am very sick! I’ll bag my things!

…Now, the other workers/people are looking at me like I could have Covid, but I didn’t say anything more. However, I did think to myself, what an effing joke! I have a horrific illness, I am on chemo, I wear these farfakt bracelets with positive phrases, I have great hair and a full figured body, so nobody treats me different! Everyone assumes I can do the same things as anyone else.

Needless to say, I may have to shave my own head just to get some Gddamn respect!

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mom of 3
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